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Self-Employed - I need advice

Anonymous Asked:

Married since 2010 and I have a child of my own she is 23yrs old. My husband and I are self employed on our tiny little company for 3years now or so. We are both to the point of having a divorce plan but does not know where to start. Please help me understand the procedures and what I have to do during these difficult decision? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

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A Family Lawyer
9 years ago

Please note the article on the Divorce-Canada.ca website sets out some very general information in respect of the procedures to follow after separation https://divorce-canada.ca/marriage-separation-in-canada The first thing to do after reading that article is to contact a family law lawyer for a consultation to give some background information and so that the lawyer can help you understand the difference between negotiations through counsel, mediation, mediation/arbitration and litigation. Each of these processes have different steps to follow and each would be suitable depending on certain factual circumstances between the spouses. No matter what process you choose disclosure of financial information is fundamental to the proper outcome.

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