Child Access and Visitation in Canada

When one parent is awarded custody of the children the other parent is normally granted access, this is sometimes referred to as “visitation”. A parent with access is entitled to visit and be visited by their children, as well as be kept informed about all important issues concerning their children’s health, education and welfare. In Canada the courts firmly believe that all children should have as much contact as possible with both parents, as long as it is in the child’s best interest.

In the event that the courts have concerns regarding a person’s parenting ability, or there is a risk of abduction, “supervised access” will be awarded to a parent.

  • Supervised Access – This is when all visits conducted between a parent with access and their children occur at a facility where they can be supervised by social workers.

It is important to remember that over time a child’s needs will change, as can a parent’s circumstances. What was best for the children at one time may no longer be in the children’s best interest any longer. Due to this, child custody and access arrangements can be changed by the courts.

Once you have worked out living and care arrangements for your children, you will need to consider the issue of child support.

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