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How to proceed with divorce after years of separation?

Posted in Divorce, Location, Quebec, Sainte-Jean-sur-Richelieu by Questions on April 12, 2016

Good day, I have been separated from my husband for 9 years now. We have 2 children 18 and 23 years old. Everything has been separted from the get go. I would like to know the easist way to proceed on getting the divorce.

Responsibility for husband’s debt

Posted in Location, Mississauga, Ontario, Separation by Questions on April 11, 2016

My husband has a large amount owing on his credit limit but it is not from the joint account. It is from his personal account. Am I responsible for half of it?

Money in business accounts

Posted in British Columbia, Location, Property, Vancouver by Questions on April 10, 2016

Most of our money is in two accounts that were created to receive income from my husband’s consulting. He owns these companies, one being Canadian, the other in the UK. I am one of two directors in these two companies. No one else is involved. He transfers money periodically for household expenses by “paying dividends. […]

Undeclared income and child support

Posted in British Columbia, Children, Location, Surrey by Questions on April 7, 2016

My ex-wife has an illegal suite in her house, should the income from this suite be used in the calculation of child support?

Child support for 18-year old child

Posted in British Columbia, Children, Location, Vancouver by Questions on April 5, 2016

I don’t have a formal separation agreeemnt but a verbal agreement with my exhusband since 2010. He has been paying child support but my daughter is turning 18 in May and is going to go to university. Is he legally obligated to pay?

Specific custody days

Posted in Children, Location, Montreal, Quebec by Questions on April 3, 2016

Hi, I’m going through a divorce with my husband. We both agree of 50-50 custody but my husband wants one week to have the kids 4 days and the other week I keep them 4 days. Problem is his work schedule doesn’t permit him to keep them for 4 days and he knows that but […]

Divorce and abuse

Posted in Divorce, Location, Montreal, Quebec by Questions on April 1, 2016

How to divorce an immigrant if he is now married to a Canadian women, he has been violent she now suffer from abuse and the police have been called many times, how should she start to prepare for a divorce.Thank you very much.

Stay at home mom with 4 kids

Posted in Divorce, Location, Ontario, Scarborough by Questions on March 31, 2016

I have 4 kids, we are legally married. I want a divorce and child support. He makes 46$/hour, he is a plumber. I’m stay at home mom with kids. He doesn’t think he can support me with anything. I want to know if that’s how it is – am I legally entitled to some money?

Joint vs Shared Custody

Posted in Divorce, Location, Ontario, Scarborough by Questions on March 28, 2016

I have been separated from my wife for nearly 3 years. I currently have my children 50% of the time & my ex & I are completing our divorce. When jointly completing the application what is the best option to choose joint or shared custody? No support is paid by either parent as we make […]

Divorce now, division of matrimonial home later

Posted in Location, Mississauga, Ontario, Property by Questions on March 25, 2016

My husband wants to divorce now and deal with the division of matrimonial home next year because he cannot buy me out right now. Can he do that? Thanks.

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