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Simple Divorce

Anonymous Asked:

We have already settled support and property division so it is just a matter of getting a divorce. He wants to serve me with papers, or have me go to his lawyers since I am not protesting the divorce do I have to do anything and will it cost me money? I live in Ontario and we were married 31.5 years.

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Adam Rice B.A., J.D, Barrister & Solicitor
1 year ago

It sounds like your husband has filed, and you’ve been served with, an Application for Divorce (Form 8A). If he has filed for a simple divorce then no you aren’t required to ‘do’ or pay anything. If the divorce is ultimately approved by the court you will receive a copy of the Divorce Order in the mail. However, it’s always a good idea to get legal advice before making any major life decisions. 
You mention your support and property issues were already settled. These are often done at the same time and as part of divorce proceedings. This makes me wonder what you mean by ‘settled’.

NOTE: This answer assumes it is an Uncontested Divorce being sought by both parties.

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