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Is he legally entitled to stop child support payments?

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Anonymous Asked:

Hello. I have a two part question. My ex suddenly decided that he'd like to make changes to how custody of our daughter is split. As it stands, he takes her every other weekend and every Wednesday. Now, he'd like to have her every other week, for an entire week at a time. This is not what was initially agreed upon when we met with our lawyer. If I refuse, is there anything he can do to force the matter and get his way in the end?

Secondly, he threatened to stop child support which was also legally agreed upon. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he has no right to that because that is what was written up by our lawyer. At what point is he legally entitled to stop child support payments?

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my questions.

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Andrew Heft
5 years ago

Your ex-spouse cannot force you to do anything that you are not comfortable doing or in agreement with. The only option which he has to force the issue is to bring forth your disagreement before a judge and have the judge decide what he or she believes is best for the child in the particular circumstances of your case.

Concerning child support he must continue to pay as per the agreement that both yourself and your ex-spouse have signed. If there is no term in the agreement or condition that would permit him to stop paying then he has an obligation to continue to do so until such time as there is a new agreement between yourself and himself or until a Court order says otherwise.

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