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Category: Separation Questions

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Consumer Proposal Responsibility Perimeter

My ex-husband and I filed for a consumer proposal when we were newly separated. We have been separated for three years now. Our agreement clearly states that I have no financial responsibility towards repayment of the proposal. My part was the truck, which is almost paid off. I would like to apply for a student […]

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Signing the separation agreement

I know it is preferable to have a lawyer witness when you sign your separation agreement. I have an agreement prepared by a lawyer. Is it possible to sign it without lawyers (as my husband does not want to pay a lawyer to sign)?

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Spouse refuses to separate

I have been attempting to separate for over a year now. We have lived in separate rooms for 2 yrs and have had separate accounts for years, we have 2 adult children and I do on occasion have dinner with them but only when one or both children are present. I have consulted a lawyer […]

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