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He was lying on financial statements before our divorce

Anonymous Asked:

I have recently found out that my ex is being investigated by CRA for failure to claim income during the time we were going through our divorce. In looking back on the financial records filed, it appeared that the notices of assessment included base salary and not sales. Our divorce was finalized several years ago and I took the majority of the debt due to the difference in our salaries (no support, alimony or child) - however, if the sales were considered our income would have been similar. Do I have any recourse?

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A Family Lawyer
8 years ago

I am not able to provide direct legal advice in this forum. The issues are circumstances to set aside a divorce order or pursue a claim for reimbursement on repayment of debts. A Divorce Order may either be changed by way of motion to change or appeal, but in these circumstances presumably the time to appeal is long passed. There are also likely no circumstances supporting a motion to change. If one were to enter into a court order on agreement that requires something to be done, and until that order is changed or amended, then one must do what they agreed to. As for reimbursement on the debts, presumably the debts were joint and several. You could always obtain independent legal advice, however it does not appear that there is any recourse.

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