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Category: Quebec Questions

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Missing Child since 2009

My wife ran away to Hong Kong in 2009, I have no news of my son since. I have an e-mail contact with her and that's it. I want to see my son, hold him in my arms... we are in 2016, it's been 7 years... She doesn't let me talk to him or see […]

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I do not want a divorce

What if my husband wants a divorce but I do not?

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Can he file for a divorce in Canada?

Hello, Me and my husband agreed to end our marriage but we havent filed yet. I'm not a Canadian citizen but my husband is and we got married in the Philippines. Since we only have annulment in Tue Philippines and is very hard to obtain I suggested he file a divorce in Canada. But he […]

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I found out that my husband is married to another woman

I found out that my husband is married to another woman for 6 months- just in the mosque- we have 2 daughters - and he was always sending money to Egypt and he s got 3 restaurants abroad how can I get my part as I contributed to all of his investments ? Many thanks

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