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Category: Coquitlam Questions

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He does not accept my intention to separate

I am living with 2 children (23 year-old FT student and 15 years old) and want to separate with my husband who is living abroad for his work. I cannot move out since I have to take care of my children and I don't want to loose my house where I live in. He does […]

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Do the common law rules apply?

Do the common law rules apply to a relationship that has lasted for more than three years but with a four month separation in between. During the separation we were still together but living in two homes while we worked out the issues.

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My ex was laid off, what happens to child support?

I have sole custody of my two children. Recently, my ex was laid off, what happens to child support? What direction do I take from here?

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spousal payments

does the 2 year living as a married couple have any effect on seperation spousal payments?

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