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Category: Ontario Law Articles

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Temporary Court Orders

What is a temporary Court Order? A temporary Court Order is one which is meant to determine an issue on a temporary as opposed to final basis. It can be changed in certain circumstances and it can be replaced by a final Order. When can a temporary Order be made? A temporary Order in a […]

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Pensions and Retirement in Family Law

Retirement is an important issue that is too often overlooked in Family Law disputes.  There are different vehicles a spouse may use to save for retirement such as personal savings, Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP’s), Tax Free Savings Accounts (TSFA’s) and pension plans through employment.  The above methods of saving are all viewed as assets […]

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Valuing and Dividing Property

In Ontario, the treatment of property division is presumptively different depending on whether or not a couple is legally married. Married couples are entitled to an equalization of their net family property (“NFP”) upon the breakdown of the marriage in accordance with the Family Law Act, while non-married persons do not have a legislated entitlement […]

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Child and Spousal Support

In family law matters the Divorce Act1 is the statute that enables married persons to make claims for child and spousal support, while parties who are not married can make similar claims by relying on the Family Law Act2. Child Support In Ontario, the Child Support Guidelines3 (CSG) (unmarried parties) and the Federal Child Support […]

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