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Category: Divorce Questions

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Grounds for divorce

Under the cruelty issue does lack of sex or intimacy constitute grounds for divorce?

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I am in my second marriage that failed after 1yr and 9 months.Is my wife entitle to anything that i brought from myself into the new marriage.ex pensions,belonging cars etc.of which these were my before the second marriage. thanks

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Divorcing an illegal immigrant

I was married when I was 18 (yes I was young naive and in love) I later found out he only wanted to marry for sponsorship. I did not sponsor him and we separated a year later. I'm now engaged and wanting to get married, but need to get divorced first. He's now living in […]

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What province governs a divorce

I was married in Ontario but currently live in Quebec, what province would I file for divorce?

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Married in Canada, but now living outside Canada and getting a divorce

I was married in Canada, but am now living outside of Canada and facing the breakdown of my marriage. Do I have to file for divorce in Canada? If I file for divorce in Canada and my now husband does not live in Canada is the divorce still valid? How typically is custody handled in […]

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Gender reassignment

My husband is currently undergoing gender reassignment treatment. I'm not sure that I want to remain with him in the future. Can we divorce on these grounds? Thanks.

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I have been divorced for 10 years and now the ex wants the original agreement(which expired 7 years ago)to be overturned for more money. She is remarried. Has she got a chance and is there a time limit on contesting the original agreement?

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