Can I not pay child support in Canada?

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Hi, I’m a 17 years old guy and I accidently got my ex-girlfriend pregnant (if she is not lying). The problem is, we are not dating anymore and I cannot pay the child support. I don’t even work and my parents would probably kill me. So I spoke to her yesterday and she said: “Don’t worry I will not put your name on the birth certificate”. Is that going to work?
Thank you.

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  1. On May 4, 2016 at 8:35 am
    Andrew Heft said:

    You will not be liable for child support if you are not the father of the child. Fatherhood is proven by the birth certificate of the child so if you are not declared the father, then you will incur no liability.

    However, it is possible for the Mother to change her mind in the future and petition the courts to have you declared the father with all of the financial responsibility that would entail.

    It is important to note however that if you are not the father of the child on record that you also forfeit any rights you might have for visitation, custody or access to the child. It is also possible for you to petition the courts at a later time to be recognized as the father (under very strict conditions) but the longer it has been since you have had contact with the child, the less likely access or extended access rights will be granted.

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