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Andrew Heft

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Andrew Heft

Andrew Heft

Andrew Heft is an experienced lawyer practicing primarily in family law in the Montreal area, a McGill University law graduate. His office also conveniently services Laval, Longueuil, Terrebonne and Beauharnois.

Me Heft strives to provide you with options that will assist you with your difficult family law issues, which will result in the best achievable outcome for you and your family. He has many years of experience pleading before the Quebec Superior Court and Court of Appeal. He specializes in litigious contested cases that are complex in nature, and will assist you in an efficient and practical manner. His assertiveness may well provide you with the best outcome for your unique family law situation.

Me Heft’s practices in a wide range of areas within family law, including child custody and access, cross-border custody disputes, Hague Convention cases, financial support for spouses and children, division of matrimonial property, compensatory allowances, discovery of undisclosed assets and undeclared income, unequal division of matrimonial property, seizure before judgment, related bankruptcy and family law matters, execution of matrimonial orders, and more.

Dominique Turcotte

Dominique Turcotte

Me Dominique Turcotte, who as well specializes in family law, works with Me Heft as part of his team. He was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 2013 and has experience pleading before the Quebec Superior Court in relation to custody, support, and division of property.

You thus have the option to choose either a senior or junior family law litigator, depending on your needs, when you call the office of Andrew H. Heft, Attorneys.

Please do not hesitate to contact Andrew H. Heft , Attorneys, servicing Montreal and the surrounding area if you are struggling with a Quebec family law issue, or have any questions or concerns regarding his legal services or your particular family situation. Andrew Heft will ensure that you receive the best family legal care possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for low-cost initial consultation (consultation fee will be waived upon paid retainer). We can help you now.

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