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Annette Goldberg-Schreiber

Annette Goldberg-Schreiber

Our firm offers flexible services, from full representation to self-representation assistance. We offer affordable access to professional legal services on a sliding scale rate. Our staff’s volume of experience provides you with expert assistance regardless of the situation. Our knowledge and guidance can help make a difficult transition easier.

Our goal at AGSLAW is to significantly increase your access to professional legal services in Family Law. We have initiated three client options to achieve this goal:

  1. Informative, Professional yet Affordable Consultations:

    Standard -Track Consultation:

    • Benefits: This consult gives you the benefit of speaking with one of our experienced lawyers for up to one hour. It is typically suitable for people who have more than two issues to extensively discuss with a lawyer, documents to review and/or an ongoing case at Family Court or via out-of-court negotiations.
    • Cost: Please call for prices.

    Fast-Track Consultation:

    • Benefits: This consult gives you the benefit of consulting with one of our experienced lawyers for 20 minutes. It is typically suitable for people who have brief questions and are looking for some general guidance. This option is not beneficial for clients who wish to have extensive documentation reviewed and advised upon.
    • Cost: Please call for prices.

  2. SSFS: Sliding Scale Fee Structure:

    The purpose of the Sliding Scale Fee Structure is to simply reflect that while people have different ability to afford legal services (as their household income and circumstances differ), all people should have the opportunity to access professional legal services in full or in part. Unlike the LSP (Legal Services Packages) option, this option is usually chosen by suitable clients who wish to retain a lawyer to represent them throughout their case. Your individual hourly rate will be calculated when you have your initial consultation.

  3. LSP: Legal Services Packages

    It is a fact that nearly all the litigants in Family Court today cannot afford legal advice, representation and assistance with document preparation. This is usually due to the disparity between household incomes and the cost of services offered by most law firms. We are confident that with our initiatives, you will be able to gain the benefit of professional legal assistance experienced strictly in Family Law at an exceptionally reasonable and affordable cost.

    Limited scope retainers and unbundling of legal services
    Under a limited scope retainer, also known as an “unbundling” agreement, a lawyer or paralegal provides legal services for part, but not all, of a client’s legal matter, by agreement with the client. Unbundling can be an affordable option for people who don’t qualify for legal aid, can’t afford a lawyer for their entire matter, or might otherwise choose to represent themselves.

    Cost of a package: Some packages cost more and some less. This will all be determined with your first meeting with one of our lawyers.

We also offer valuable additional support services such as correspondence/s, order interpretation/drafting, coaching, research and more.

AGSLAW is a client-focused law firm

In the sea of available law firms for your choosing, AGSLAW is truly unique. As most law firms you will come across, AGSLAW offers Family Law services provided by our professional lawyers and supported by our wonderful staff. However, what makes AGSLAW different is the fact that AGSLAW is a client-focused law firm. For the clear majority of people needing Family Law assistance, it is not an option to receive the adequate help they need and deserve simply because it is unaffordable. Most firms are unaffordable to the public and that is why we see that most of the litigants in Family Court are not assisted by a lawyer. We have intentionally set up our firm in a unique and innovative way to afford you the opportunity to get the advice, representation, support and help that you need in an affordable, reasonable and flexible manner. That, is the AGSLAW difference.

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