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Category: North York Questions

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Divorce on mutual consent

We are canadians, living outside Canada, in different countries. We want to get divorced on mutual consent. Could u please advise how to proceed? We don't have ties in Canada and we are non-resident Canadians for CRA.

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Down but not out Deborah

My husband left me & my 2 boys on Sept 1 of this year. He cancelled the lease on our rental home leaving me to find another place for us to live. He has contributed zero support for my kids or myself ( I was a stay at home mom & now make 15.00 p/hr) […]

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Serving Documents (inclusion)

I am filing for divorce with an application for child support and custody. Do I need to serve all forms and financial statement to the respondent? Also, do I include receipts and documents to support claims, or will these be used later during the process?

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Separated for 7years

Is separation of 6years grounds enough for easy divorce by mutual consent?

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Mrs K

Hello I am moving out after mo years of marriage as the marriage has broken down so badly I cant take it anymore. I am disabled and was wondering what the rules were for spousal support should I move out or spousal support on a whole? Thanks

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Separation advice

My spouse wants to separate. According to him, our separation date is October 2012. Our house in for sale. We have 2 children (17 and 19)together. I work, but he is the bread winner of the family. What are my legal rights?    

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married and living common law with someone else.

If my father is married and living commonlaw with someone else can the commonlaw partner go after our property and assets? My father has a written will from many years ago? thanks for your help!

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