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Posted in Halifax, Location, Nova Scotia, Property by Questions on April 9, 2013

At divorce I signed over the joint business partnership to my ex-spouse who agreed in writing and duly authorized by the Court that I would assume no further responsibility financial or otherwise in the business. Five years later my ex-spouse ran up a huge debt on a credit card that I supposedly jointly signed the […]


Posted in Halifax, Location, Nova Scotia, Separation by Questions on April 5, 2013

My wife and I had a mutual separation agreement drawn up between us last year. Today I received in the mail a new agreement from her Lawyer. In it they ask for my pension to be divided equally for the period of the marriage, before the separation which was 11 years. During that time I […]


Posted in Children, Location, Nova Scotia by Questions on March 22, 2013

If two people with children get a divorce and get shared custody of the children, is there a law or anything in the fine print that entails one of the divorcees to prevent their children from being around the other divorcee’s new partner (if there are no safety concerns)? Also, does the reason for divorce […]

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