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Ex lives in the Philippines – how can I get divorced?

Posted in British Columbia, Dawson Creek, Divorce, Location by Questions on April 24, 2016

I lived here in BC for more than 6 years and have legally separated with husband in the Philippines. Now i want to file an uncontested divorce from here but the problem is, my ex husband is not allowed to sign the divorce paper that i prepare since Divorce in the Philippines is prohibited by […]

Divorce dependant on ex agreeing to support payments?

Posted in British Columbia, Divorce, Location, New Westminster by Questions on April 22, 2016

We filed a joint divorce, but I have heard nothing back and my ex wasn’t giving me any information either, so I went to the court house to find out. The judge wants my ex to pay child support, even though we have the kids for an equal amount of time. I showed to my […]

Understanding debt/assets

Posted in British Columbia, Location, Property, Sooke by Questions on April 18, 2016

My husband and I have separated, most of our property was in his name (vehicles, boat, motorcycle) and he took them when he left and consolidated loans to continue paying the debt but never gave me the option of what I wanted to keep. How does this work now that he has been making payments […]

Money in business accounts

Posted in British Columbia, Location, Property, Vancouver by Questions on April 10, 2016

Most of our money is in two accounts that were created to receive income from my husband’s consulting. He owns these companies, one being Canadian, the other in the UK. I am one of two directors in these two companies. No one else is involved. He transfers money periodically for household expenses by “paying dividends. […]

Undeclared income and child support

Posted in British Columbia, Children, Location, Surrey by Questions on April 7, 2016

My ex-wife has an illegal suite in her house, should the income from this suite be used in the calculation of child support?

Child support for 18-year old child

Posted in British Columbia, Children, Location, Vancouver by Questions on April 5, 2016

I don’t have a formal separation agreeemnt but a verbal agreement with my exhusband since 2010. He has been paying child support but my daughter is turning 18 in May and is going to go to university. Is he legally obligated to pay?

Single mom, afraid of losing my child

Posted in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Location, Separation by Questions on January 23, 2016

Me and my ex split up 12 days ago, the day he left me and our son was the same day he got a new girlfriend. I was the primary care giver, went back to work when my son was 8 weeks old because my ex would get mad that inwasnt doing anything. I started […]

How to separate?

Posted in British Columbia, Location, Separation, Vancouver by Questions on January 15, 2016

Hi, My wife and I want to separate but we have kids and we live in one house. I have a job but my wife doesn’t. I am wondering how to start to separate? I can move out to rent apartment, but do I have to pay my wife for her living with/without kids? What’s […]

Adultery and dispute over a child

Posted in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Location, Separation by Questions on December 9, 2015

Hi there My daughter separated last year from her husband who left her and their two week old baby in Langley with us (her parents) and he went home to Quesnel. He then had a girlfriend for about 2 1/2 months then when their baby was 6 months old, her husband only saw the baby […]

How can we help our grandchild?

Posted in British Columbia, Children, Courtenay, Location by Questions on December 7, 2015

As a grandparent, our son is fighting for his child. His ex is mentally and physically unstable, brainwashing our grandchild. His ex has lots of money to have a lawyer do her bidding. How can we help our grandchild to be in a safe and healthy home? Please help our grandchild. Feeling helpless!

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