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common law rights

Posted in Alberta, Calgary, Location, Property by Questions on May 12, 2013

does womam have rights to house if not in her name and have not living together for a year

Not respecting separation agreemnet

Posted in Alberta, Calgary, Location, Separation by Questions on May 7, 2013

My ex-husband and I have been separated for 2 years, and have 2 young children. We have a mutual (50%)custody agreement. My question concerns the fact that my ex-husband is no longer abiding by the agreemnet. He has not shown up in the past 2 weeks to pick up his children on the days that […]

Common law controlled one sided

Posted in Alberta, Edmonton, Location, Property by Questions on May 3, 2013

I have been in a common law rlationship for 5 1/2 years . Most of th time he is out of town and I work in town and look after the home and pets and yard work. Most of the time I pay the bills and buy groceries ( the home is in his name […]

common law separation

Posted in Alberta, Calgary, Children, Location by Questions on April 11, 2013

We were living common law for 8 years in her home with her two kids in Calgary. I am not on title. We split one year ago and I am a BC resident now. The kids are grown and there is no child support issue. Am I entitled to any compensation for my contribution? I […]


Posted in Alberta, Calgary, Divorce, Location by Questions on April 2, 2013

i am an indian …i came to canada on marriage basis but in dont find myself comfortable with my partner ….we have been married for a year long….will divorce affect my PR??…when can in get married the next time???

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