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Category: Property Questions

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My common law relationship ended after almost 15 years. We purchased a second water front home. I contributed a substantial amount to the purchase from an inheritance received before meeting my ex. My ex has taken it from me - changed the locks, etc. My lawyer has done nothing about it. Am I entitled to […]

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unfair division of assets by lawyers

In 1995, my 32 yr military marriage ended in divorce. We were each represented by a lawyer, plus a mediator. I did not receive 50% of my husband's pension and there was no other financial support given to me. In fact, there was nothing right about our divorce, except for my husband. I have provided […]

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Do you have to split Pension

If both parties agree not to split pensions can you do that or do you have to split the pension? How can I word the clause?

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Common Law Separation

My partner and I lived together for 9 years in a house I purchased on my own. My name is the only name on the mortgage and I alone put down the down payment. Once we moved in together we split all bills down the middle. Now that we have split up, what is she […]

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common law separation

been living common law for just over two years. the house is in my name and i have lived her for 22 years. how much if any is he entitled to. i remortgaged five years ago for 150,000. i owe just over 145,000 and the house is worth around 300,000.

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