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Recently answered questions

Pension entitlement

Posted in Location, Ontario, Separation, Windsor by Questions on September 20, 2013

August 14/2013. Me and my wife are planning to separate. We both are currently working for the same company. She has 24 years of service. I have 30 years.the company provides a pension/ ford motor co. I plan to retire sept1/2013. In doing so. Would I be entitled to alimony from her because of the […]

Canadian Citizen divorcing American ?

Posted in Divorce, Hamilton, Location, Ontario by Questions on September 20, 2013

My spouse and I married in the states ( specifically in NC) in 2006. She is an American citizen, and living in AL.I have been out of work for a time prior to our separation and now back working,made $5600 last year, and will make $21,000 this year. We have no children born of the […]

Deciding to Separate

Posted in Belleville, Divorce, Location, Ontario by Questions on September 1, 2013

I have decided to file for divorce from my husband. It has been years of emotional, mental and verbal abuse. We had a fight on Friday and I left to stay with my parents for the weekend. I have not told him about wanting a divorce yet just that I needed space. A friend says […]

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