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Do I have pay half if she makes more than me?

Posted in Belleville, Location, Ontario, Separation by Questions on December 23, 2014

Recently my wife has asked me for a divorce. I still live in the our jointly owned house with our 2 children and we share a bank account that the bills come out of. She is stating that I have to pay half the bills although she makes double the amount I do. Do I […]

How much of my pension is she entitled to?

Posted in Divorce, Location, Ontario, Sarnia by Questions on December 23, 2014

I was married for 25years and am moving towards retiring and she wants partial payments from my pension. I do not understand what she is entitled to. Is there a formula or a chart that states what the entitlement would be such as a percentage

Can a child be given into the custody of a legal sibling?

Posted in Children, Location, North York, Ontario by Questions on December 19, 2014

Can a child request to live with a sibling who is legal and has a steady job? Can said child ask to be given into the custody of a legal sibling?

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