Will my husband be obligated to pay child support?

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when my husband and i separate will he be obligated to pay child support or do i have to wait until divorce is finalized in order for my kids to be supported by their father?

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  1. On September 9, 2014 at 12:42 pm
    A Family Lawyer said:

    Child support is due and payable on a monthly basis immediately on separation of the parties. If there is no agreement as to the date of separation, then there must be some evidence of how the proposed support payor is meeting the financial needs of the children. The issue of child support is not tied to your legal marriage with your husband. Child support is paid by parents, not spouses. The children have financial needs that must be addressed whether you and your husband are divorced or not. You would need to make a written demand to give effective notice of your expectations that you receive child support, and if the husband does not pay child support then your demands will be taking into consideration when addressing retroactive child support.

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