Marriage Breakdown

Posted in Location, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Separation by Questions on April 29, 2013

My wife who’s a Canadian Citizen married me in another country and sponsored me to come to Canada. After living together for four years we decided to separate because things aren’t working out. Is it possible for me to be in a common-law relationship with someone else while we’re not divorce yet. Is it possible for my wife to file a case against me if she founds out I’m sleeping with someone? My current status in Canada is permanent resident. I became a PR last 2008 and we don’t have kids. Your advice on this matter is very much appreciated.

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  1. On April 29, 2013 at 12:05 pm
    Lorrie Stojni, B.A., M.A., LL.B. said:

    I suggest you consult with a lawyer in your area regarding the specifics of your case.

    Generally speaking you can be in a new relationship without being divorced.

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