I Hate the Threats from my (ex) Wife Keeps making !

Posted in Kitchener, Location, Ontario, Separation by Questions on June 4, 2013

My wife continues to make threats that she is going to get a lawyer every time she feels the pressures of having not enough money. I have been separated for nearly a year and our separation agreement was legally made up for us by a lawyer, reviewed and signed nearly a year ago.

One part of the agreement goes as follows…
(a) As a result of the terms of this Agreement, and upon completion of the property settlement set out in this Agreement (name) and (name) are financially independent of each other and release his or her rights to spousal support from the other, now and forever.
(d) (name) and (name) specifically wish to be able to pursue their separate and independent lives, no matter what changes may occur. (name) and (name) specifically anticipate that one or both of them may lose their jobs, become ill and be unable to work, have additional child care responsibilities that will interfere with their ability to work, find their financial resources diminished or exhausted whether through their own fault or not, or be affected by general economic and family conditions changing over time. Changes in their circumstances may be catastrophic, unanticipated or beyond their imagination. Nevertheless, no change, no matter how extreme or consequential for either or both of them, will alter this agreement and their view that the terms of this Agreement reflect their intention to always be separate financially. (name) and (name) fully accept that no change whatsoever in either or both of their circumstances will entitle either of them to spousal support from the other, now and forever.

Do I have to be concerned with anything?…I think not but I just want that peice of mind

Thanks 😉

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  1. On June 5, 2013 at 3:28 pm
    Lorrie Stojni, B.A., M.A., LL.B. said:

    I suggest you consult with the lawyer that prepared the agreement for you as they will be aware of the circumstances in existence at the time the agreement was signed.

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