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My husband cheated on me and won’t return my calls. What do I do now ?

Posted in Divorce, Location, Montreal, Quebec by Questions on June 28, 2014

Hi I am a Mauritian and legally married to my husband and we came to settle in Canada in 2011 and because of some work issues I had to come back to Mauritius in 2012. We were on good terms and just few days back he suddenly sent me a message saying its all over between us and admitted he cheated me many times and cannot face me anymore . Now he is not answering my calls and replying to my messages. I am coming for holidays next week and I want to go for a divorce. Please advise me

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  1. On June 30, 2014 at 9:30 am
    Andrew Heft said:

    You can file for divorce in Quebec as long as your ex-spouse has still been residing in Quebec for at least the past year. However, to obtain the divorce you will most likely need to wait for the separation to have lasted one year. Filing a divorce based on adultery is possible but not necessarily useful because of the procedural delays involved. A proper consultation with a lawyer to weigh your options would be advisable in this situation.

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