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How can I advise my divorce status to the Federal and Quebec government

Posted in Divorce, Location, Montreal, Quebec by Questions on June 2, 2014

My question: How can I advise the Federal and Quebec government that I’ve already divorced in the US? Since both my marriage and divorce were happened outside Canada, but I used my US marriage certificate to apply my wife as permanent resident in Canada.

I am a Canadian citizen, married my wife (US Citizen) back in 2008 in Las Vegas (US Marriage certificate). I sponsored my wife and she moved to Montreal in 2010 after she became permanent resident. She lived in Montreal for one year, and she moved back to US in 2011. She applied me as US Resident and I moved to US in June 2012, got my green card, and became non-resident of Canada. Got divorced in US in March 2014 with divorce decree from the US County Court.

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  1. On June 3, 2014 at 5:38 pm
    Andrew Heft said:

    Tell the Canadian government or Quebecers your recent divorce can be done in several ways, depending on the department or the department you want to notify and the reason for doing so. The ideal would be to contact the agency and ask them what they consider adequate proof of your divorce. At its simplest, therefore, a copy of your certificate of divorce in the United States would suffice. In other cases, the agency may require a Canadian judgment recognizing the validity of the foreign divorce decree.

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