Alcoholism & Divorce rulings

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My wife is an alcoholic who has, in the midst of a DUI, turned against me (her husband) & said the marriage is over. How does alcoholism affect court rulings in divorce court? No kids, just us but she has been fighting this alcohol battle for 6 – 8 years and losing. She has spiraled out of control. I am the major money earner & value what is at stake. Help!

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  1. On March 24, 2014 at 9:16 am
    A Family Lawyer said:

    We are in a system of no fault divorce. We do not analyze morality and fault. Saying that, alcoholism has at least an indirect impact on spousal support. You should consult with a lawyer of your choosing to work through the plan for the case as to how the alcoholism relates to entitlement to spousal support and the economic consequences flowing from the marriage breakdown. In these type of cases, we need to consider the complete background of the spouse’s circumstances, including, details about employment history, education level and job prospects. The alcohol use must relate back to that information. Two contrasting situations are being fired on the job due to drinking and no significant education or employment history but a long standing drinking problem.

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