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I do not even want him to have visitation rights

Posted in Children, Location, Ontario, Toronto Downtown Core by Questions on August 20, 2015

I am 3 months pregnant. After living with the father for 8 months we separated when I was 7 weeks pregnant. He was verbally and physically abusive but never reported. Him and his family have been pushing me for an abortion but I decided to keep the baby. He is not interested in the baby but I am afraid once I give birth he will change his mind. If he is not involved with the pregnancy can he claim rights on the child. I do not even want him to have visitation rights since he tried to get me to have an abortion. What should I do to keep him out of my life?

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  1. On August 20, 2015 at 7:20 am
    Andrew J. Kania, LL.B., LL.M. said:

    Whether the father is involved in the pregnancy is not relevant in terms of whether he can seek access to the child after the child is born.

    The legal test for access is the best interest of the child. Unless there is something significantly wrong with the father then he will have the right to see the child, assuming he makes the claim. The issue will be how often he sees the child and what type of access he has, such as overnight, supervised, daytime access, etc.

    In addition, regardless of whether he wanted the child or has any role with the child after he/she is born, you are entitled to seek child support from him. This is an absolute right on your part. The amount of the child support depends on the unique facts of your case. You are welcome to telephone me at 866-557-3222 for a free consultation.

    (The information provided above is general, not legal advice, as circumstances vary from case to case. As well, generally speaking, the above information relates to Ontario law. Thus, if you wish legal advice that you can rely upon for your specific case, or if you are making inquiries where Ontario law may not apply, please contact Andrew Kania for a free consultation).

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