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When struggling with a difficult situation such as divorce, it is best to have a successful, reliable, and caring law firm helping you through it. Virk Law is an esteemed law firm, who strives to achieve the best results to the most complicated legal situations, serving in the Edmonton area. At Virk Law, we work with you, the client, to understand your difficult family situation, and provide outcomes that are best for everyone involved. We effectively advocate for your unique situation, administering the best advice available when resolving your strenuous family situation. We ensure to meet all of your legal needs and provide you with optimum results for all involved.

At Virk Law, we are able to assist and represent you in a variety of family law areas, including online divorce, common-law separation, spousal support and child maintenance rulings, and child custody and access. We also offer divorce assessment forms, and in person or video conferences. We provide exceptional services to individuals who are struggling with legal issues pertaining to family law, in which we strive to bring you results as effortlessly and efficiently as possible. We will offer you sensible advice and assistance for your particular situation, ensuring that you and your family’s needs are met, and that you receive results that are satisfactory and acceptable.

Feel free to contact Virk Law in Edmonton with any questions or concerns you may have about your legal family law issue, or our available services. We are here to bring you successful results, and sensible solutions to complex legal issues. We offer a low-cost initial consultation (consultation fee will be waived upon paid retainer)

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My daughter will be attending university next year is my ex husband responsible for half of the tuition and residence/food fees. He is saying he only has to pay 1/2 of the actual tuition fee. We have a seperation agreement but there is no mention of post secondary fees Thanks , a concerned mom

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My ex owns one house, mortgage free, which she lives in and a second one with a family member that is being renovated to be sold for a profit. At this point she is not making any money off the income property but could this be somehow factored into her annual income? Also the fact [...]

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